Monday, October 26, 2009

The Dragon Book


The staple in fantasy ever since a pudgy British dude wrote about a pudgy British dude with hairy feet! The most exploited, reported, told story in the history of fantasy books! That, of course, is no insult; I happen to be a great fan of dragons, no matter how much coverage they happen to get, and I am good friends with at least four pudgy British dudes (two of which have hairy feet).

Hence why I have written a story for the anthology: "The Dragons Book," contributed by several great authors including Garth Nix, Naomi Novik and Tamora Pierce.

"Humane Killer" is the story of a berserker nun, son of a Divine Rapist, half-bred witch and her weed-smoking zombie struggling through an alternate Crusades-era world to defeat their own inner well as the big, red, fire-spewing one eager to crunch them up and spit them out.

Now, such a thing may strike you as grim and gruesome. Perhaps your dog was run over by an irresponsible weed-smoking zombie. Perhaps he came back as a zombie himself and took up weed-smoking out of the poor example set for him and now you watch, helpless to change him as he refuses to get a job, move out or do anything besides play Mario Kart and eat Doritos. I get that completely, sir and/or madame. But, even if your beloved canine has come back as the living dead (and, indeed, perhaps you may be looking for a distraction from that), I must advise you to pick up this book to read one of the other of fantastic authors on display here.

Read it.

Read it or I will chew your bones!

-Sam Sykes

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Welcome to this God damned blog!


If you're here, you no doubt know that all proper authors have a website for purposes of proportionate promotion and promiscuity. Ergo, I, being a filthy deviant, have nothing quite so awesome to show you at the moment. Rest assured, though, that such a website is coming, in due time, and when it arrives you will lose your freaking shiz all over the place.

Until that time, though, please glut yourself with all things Sam Sykes-related at this blog. I can personally guarantee you, on pain of someone else's death, that all things book, author and opinion-related can and will be found on this blog until we can get something better out.

Mighty Webmaster Matt is working on it as we speak. Bear with us!

With great love comes great apologies,
Sam Sykes