Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Welcome to this God damned blog!


If you're here, you no doubt know that all proper authors have a website for purposes of proportionate promotion and promiscuity. Ergo, I, being a filthy deviant, have nothing quite so awesome to show you at the moment. Rest assured, though, that such a website is coming, in due time, and when it arrives you will lose your freaking shiz all over the place.

Until that time, though, please glut yourself with all things Sam Sykes-related at this blog. I can personally guarantee you, on pain of someone else's death, that all things book, author and opinion-related can and will be found on this blog until we can get something better out.

Mighty Webmaster Matt is working on it as we speak. Bear with us!

With great love comes great apologies,
Sam Sykes

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