Monday, October 26, 2009

The Dragon Book


The staple in fantasy ever since a pudgy British dude wrote about a pudgy British dude with hairy feet! The most exploited, reported, told story in the history of fantasy books! That, of course, is no insult; I happen to be a great fan of dragons, no matter how much coverage they happen to get, and I am good friends with at least four pudgy British dudes (two of which have hairy feet).

Hence why I have written a story for the anthology: "The Dragons Book," contributed by several great authors including Garth Nix, Naomi Novik and Tamora Pierce.

"Humane Killer" is the story of a berserker nun, son of a Divine Rapist, half-bred witch and her weed-smoking zombie struggling through an alternate Crusades-era world to defeat their own inner well as the big, red, fire-spewing one eager to crunch them up and spit them out.

Now, such a thing may strike you as grim and gruesome. Perhaps your dog was run over by an irresponsible weed-smoking zombie. Perhaps he came back as a zombie himself and took up weed-smoking out of the poor example set for him and now you watch, helpless to change him as he refuses to get a job, move out or do anything besides play Mario Kart and eat Doritos. I get that completely, sir and/or madame. But, even if your beloved canine has come back as the living dead (and, indeed, perhaps you may be looking for a distraction from that), I must advise you to pick up this book to read one of the other of fantastic authors on display here.

Read it.

Read it or I will chew your bones!

-Sam Sykes

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