Saturday, November 7, 2009

Dragon Age! Dragon Book!


It's far beyond the capabilities of my feeble attention span to note how well a book is doing in sales, but I'm assuming The Dragon Book is doing well. It got quite a nice review from our friends at The Book Smugglers. Those ladies know what they're talking about, sirs and madames. Perhaps you should give it a try based on that?

Further, check out their review of Humane Killer by yours truly and some other author. "Weirdest characters ever?" Fwah!

Now, on to the serious matter of video games.

Everyone who's going to has probably picked up Dragon Age: Origins by now, yes? If not, I'd wholly recommend it. It's a Bioware game, closer to classics such as Baldur's Gate than newer ones such as Mass Effect (but that was a good'un, too). Thus far, it's been quite appealing.

In a market where characterization is basically boiled down to dimwits who believe everything they're told, this game is pretty refreshing for the sheer amount of personality in characters. Further, it's a "dark," "mature" (and dare I suggest...gritty?) game, so the characters are varying amounts of sarcasm, cynicism, lust and vulnerability. Quite good. As controls go, it's standard Bioware target and stab until dead (though I'm told shit gets real later).

My sole grievance thus far is...who the hell was in charge of designing the schemers and traitors? The whole point of being a traitor is that no one knows you're helping the enemy until it's too late. Yet we see people with sunken eyes, cold metal armor and greasy black hair and we're supposed to think this guy is on our side? I think the most insulting part thus far has been a traitor with a hook nose, whiny voice, shady story, voiced by TIM GOD DAMN CURRY. When has he ever played a good guy!?

I'm not at all suggesting that there can't be traitors or turncoats in a story (in fact, they usually make it better), but I find it slightly unbelievable that they can't figure out how to dress by this point. Protip to anyone wanting to become a traitor in a fantasy story: dress in bright colors, get a tan, bathe every day, say lots of inspiring things.

No one will ever see it coming.

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  1. Shouldn't you be writing instead of playing videogames?


    Kidding. I'm about 35 hours in with a human mage. It's sublime. Can't wait to get a new computer so I can play through it with mouse and keyboard.