Wednesday, November 25, 2009

My Editor is Metal as Hell

This is really more of a general update blog than anything else, but chock full of news you can feasibly use. If nothing else, you can take this as an opportunity to gain a bit of insight into the vast and complex world of publishing by seeing how an author communicates with an editor. Some of you will likely remember my announcement that I have been picked up by Pyr Books and their very fine editor, Lou Anders.

When presented with the knowledge that I was very pleased that he liked my book, Lou responded thus:
Like it? Made me want to shred my own s&s short into a thousand tiny bits. And stab you in the heart for being in your 20s.
Let me state for those of you who may be curious: it is very good if your editor likes your book. If your editor likes your book enough to wish physical harm upon you? Well, you're pretty much set, then, aren't you?

For the record, my editor at Gollancz has never threatened me...with physical harm. Though legend says that if you make him mad enough, he will start cursing at you in Old Entish (he is perhaps the tallest man on earth to be involved in literature outside of Godzilla's memoirs).

Anyway, onto further news: do you know what an ARC is? It goes by many names: Advanced Reading Copy, Proof, Bound Galley, Doorstop. The important thing is that Tome of the Undergates (my goodness, how did that Amazon link get there, oh well, no time to change it, sadly) has them! They have gone out to many fine blogs, I am told.

Among those most worthy of note: My Favourite Books, The Book Smugglers, Speculative Horizons, The Wertzone, Pat's Fantasy Hotlist, Graeme's Fantasy Book Review, NextRead and Haven't read them? Why not? What have they done to deserve your scorn? I wholly recommend giving them a look, and not just because they may say nice things about me! These are pretty much the gold standard for all opinions and reviews of fantasy fiction in the UK.

...unless they say mean things about me, in which case they are all filthy little wallaby-riders who suckle at the teat of Asmodeus and the resulting lactose intolerant reaction causes global warming that KILLS PUPPIES.

But for the moment, they are all quite good! The fine ladies (for there are two) at the Book Smugglers deserve special mention; their tendency to hunt in a pair allows them to take most authors by surprise and allows one of them to leisurely feed on the remains while the other keeps watch for other competing bloggers.

Note: This has been a confidential sneak peek at the upcoming nature documentary on the habits of book review bloggers, appearing in 2010 and narrated by David Attenborough.

And, in other things newsworthy, since my brand spanking new entry on the Orion Author/Title List has a showing of the cover art for the book, perhaps it is safe to show here, as well! You might have noticed it at the top there! Your reactions? They should pretty much be as follows:


What's that? The guy? Well, yeah, I guess he is kind of important to the story and that is a pretty badass-looking sword, but come on...water.



  1. You were right - the water is rocking cool! And the man is smouldering hot! Another fine example of the fact that Gollancz are almost unequalled when it comes to dazzling cover art.

  2. I was completely unprepared for this post. LOL. I had NO IDEA that we were being so closely observed. That DA is sneaky.

    and OMG, WATER!

  3. Holy hell dude! You're right! That water is pretty fracking amazing. Thanks for the pimpage! Tome of the Undergates is still pretty hotly contested in the de Jager household. I think I may have to fight dirty...with my axe!

  4. That is indeed Very Cool water! Like the sword, too. [g] I'm even more impressed that you spelled "sneak peek" right, though; you're the first person I've seen in the last five years who could!