Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Agony Column: Lou Anders <3s Sam Sykes

Hey! HEY!

It's 2010! A lot of lists for favorite books of the year, favorite publishers for the year, favorite Indian restaurants for the year (Punjab or G.T.F.O., yo), but a lot of people seem to be forgetting that 2010 means that it's actually the end of a decade. And while any jerk can be an "Editor of the Year..."

Only one can be Editor of the Goddamn Decade.

Naturally, it's pretty clear that anyone who is in close contact with me is destined for greatness and Lou Anders is no exception. What's that you say? He had a lot of good books before me? That's simply deranged, sir. I have spent a long time convincing myself that I'm the greatest person on earth and I'll be damned if I let you ruin that.

But let's move away from that for awhile. Lou has recently done a podcast for in which he discusses the trends in fantasy, the near future of SF/F, eBooks and a certain Tome coming out in the near future.

Go ahead and have a listen, why don't you?

Go ahead, I'll wait.


Did you hear that?

The Second Coming of Joe Abercrombie. I didn't even know he was dead! I hope he went peacefully and didn't mess himself when he finally went down. What? Yes, there was a lot of other interesting stuff in that podcast, too, but COME ON, MAN.

Anyway, it's an excellent way to ring in the New Year's with my editor having secured such furious honors and having such great publicity is probably the best holiday present I could have gotten from him.


  1. So, if Lou is editor of the decade, what does that make your other editor, the lovely Simon Spanton?


  2. Simon Spanton is something else altogether, sort of a...what? Omnieditor? Besides, as you can read from the podcast, Lou Anders says that he pretty much agrees with Simon in all things.

    Thus, Simon is...the OVEREDITOR.

  3. Very interesting. Seems the stuff I'm working on could be very in vogue by the time it's finished (although I still maintain that it'll be too left-field for anyone to want to publish it). Still it's nice to see my plans for literary World domination coming along nicely.

    And as for you being positioned between Abercrombie and Lynch? Whilst it might sound like a clothing brand, that's one man-sandwich any up and coming fantasy author can be proud of