Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Moving Day, mofos!

As you no doubt heard already, we (I use the royal "we" because it seems to make people pay attention to me) have been in the processing of setting up a new website for myself, Sam Sykes, author and noted reverse-philanthropist.

Said site is now complete and it is a thing of beauty. It will probably destroy you entirely if you look too closely at it. It's thick, dark and beautiful, like a jungle panther or Bill Cosby. All we need to do now is launch it.

What does this mean for you, gentle reader?

First of all, it means that all future blog posts will be seen at: www.samsykes.com (hopefully within a day of your reading this post).

And, of course, it means that this is the last post that will occur on samsykes.blogspot.com. We're moving to Wordpress now, which is the wave of the future that will carry us into the age where advances in science grant us cures for diseases and cybernetic testes.

So, for all of those who have kept up with my insanity, inanity and filthy nepotism, thank you. I sincerely hope you will continue following my thoughts onto the new site and well into the point when you suddenly realize you've been spending a lot of time reading my blog and you should probably go outside or maybe see your loved ones because they miss you so much but you can't leave now because you're too deeply invested in my thought process and are forced to watch as time and the ravages of humanity slowly take their inexorable toll upon me and I slither down a long and slippery slope into senile dementia and by that point my blogs are all basically versions of "you know what I really like? Ham, ham is what I really like" and a strange cocktail of nostalgia, desire and emptiness will make you realize I'm not the same author that you fell in love with and you see me now as an empty husk and whenever I open my mouth you only hear screaming and so to save my brain the dignity it affords you sneak into my house and smother me with a Japanese body pillow and go to jail satisfied that you are a martyr for the cause.

...yeah...that'd be great.

See you soon!
-Sam Sykes

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