Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Interview of the Damned II: Moher's Revenge: The Sam Sykes Story

No doubt, if you're reading this, you're probably at least a little familiar with my blog and the concept of blogging in general. For those of you who are uninformed: the "Blog-o-Sphere" is sort of a mass, voluntary incarceration program, similar to Twitter and Facebook, in which the socially maladjusted and criminally depraved willingly glue themselves to their computers in exchange for mass amounts of information.

Usually, this is a dark and wicked place, a Hell of our own creation in which we plumb the bleak depths in search of a festering nugget of information that we eagerly suck dry to fulfill our spiritual needs. It is a foul place. It is a gloomy place. And you are no doubt just as thrilled to be a part of it as I am.

In the ninth circle of the sphere, the level reserved for fantasy writers, fantasy readers, fantasy bloggers and Abe Vigoda fans, a vile court holds council. And in this foul and loathsome court, Aidan Moher is king...

...actually, maybe closer to an earl. No, wait, that has some bizarre lineal rules to it. At the very least, he's a mayor...possibly an owner of a quaint little bed and breakfast...OF THE DAMNED.

A Dribble of Ink was one of the blogs I followed quite voraciously, even before Aidan gave me the excellent opportunity to be interviewed on it. I can't say my opinion of the blog has gotten any grimmer now that I'm a featured part of it. Though some may suggest that my presence will lower the property values.

But why not decide for yourself? Hop on over to A Dribble of Ink and have a look at this fantastic interview!

Wait, what are you still doing here? Do you require a highlight to tantalize you?

Normally I stay away from the tell-us-about-your-book-because-I’m-too-lazy-to-do-the-research-myself-and-can’t-think-of-any-other-good-questions-to-fill-out-this-interview questions, but since you’re a new author, why don’t you tell us a bit about your first novel, Tome of the Undergates that can’t be found in the synopsis I’ve included above?
It’s actually a surprisingly philosophical book. Not the overt, beard-stroking, “what is a chestnut” kind of philosophy, but the sort that delves deep into the psyche of people without being boring. It takes the standard idea of the adventurer in fantasy and asks the questions that are presumed to be answered in the genre: what drives someone to become an adventurer, who is largely presumed to be a graverobber, thief and unprofessional assassin? Would a group composed of many different races, religions and professions really get along so well as to perform a quest? How can they presume a benevolent deity is on their side when they continue to suffer and die? How can they presume that they are in the right when they continue to cause others to suffer and die?

Beyond this, the book is really about the six companions and what motivates them: racial agendas and what happens when one feels compelled to violate them, atonement through murder, what really goes through the mind of the last of a particular race (hint: it’s not pleasant). Basically, TOME takes a lot of the things you might be familiar with and starts sodomizing them in front of you.

Also, there is a scene in which a man gets his crotch stomped into pulp. This is in the first fifty pages or so. They would not tell you about that in a synopsis, friends!
Mmm...tantalizing, isn't it? Almost sinfully so. I can see you trembling, wanting to know more about this interview, this blog and its terrible machinist. Go ahead...indulge...the time wasted there is better than the time I wasted writing my Urban Fantasy novel (Balls Deep: A Denise Asspuncher Mystery, coming in 2011 from Gollancz).

Truly, though, the interview was an utter delight and I'm pleased that my very first interview as an author came from a site as big and informative as A Dribble of Ink.

Brief aside: Jeremiah Tolbert of Clockpunk Studios almost has our new site up! Watch this space for details. I'm really pleased with what I've seen so far (it has an RSS Feed button! An RSS Feed button that is DROWNING!)

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